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About this site

This site was created due to my combined interest for football, i.e. Leeds United, and music. There will not be any updates of news and gossips, please look for such information elsewhere. This site is (almost) all about songbooks!

For other information, news & gossips about Leeds United, I'll recommend the following sites:
  • Leeds United - the official Leeds United FC homepage
  • LUSCOS - homepage of The Leeds United Supporters Club of Scandinavia
  • Jabba's Leeds United Site

  • This site is member of the Leeds United Web Ring (est. 1996).

    When designing this site, I try to have my focus on usability. After all, this site is not the place for you if you are looking for the "coolest of the coolest" stuff on the web. I know that a lot of my visitors are having slow internet connections, so I try to keep the page size down. That's why graphics etc. are rare on these pages.

    I will not at all try to reach the limits within HTML or fancy scripts. Instead, I try to use standard code, so that the presentation of these pages will be the same in any browser, with any screen resolution and with any window size; and, make it easy to navigate, so that you easy and fast can find the information you need and know whereabout on the site you are.

    If you have any comments or suggestions, if you have found a broken link, if you have spotted an error or two, or if you have some further information; I'd appreciate it if you would let me know.