The songs of Leeds United --> Credits


I'd like to thank my very good friends at the Leeds United mailing list for very much appreciated help in creating this compilation of lyrics to the songs of Leeds United and not to mention the chants from the terraces; which I started the work with back in 1995.

Specially; I will mention John Boocock, Paul Cadd, Nigel Sykes and Steve Gillen; without whom, the lyrics would have been published with a lot (more) typoes, and not at all this complete. John and Nigel have also helped a lot in both designing and hosting the first editions of these pages.

It was on January 31st 1996 (the day after my oldest son Torleif was born) that Andy Povey recorded a Leeds United music tape and had it sent to me by Royal Mail, it came all the way from Reading, England to Haugesund, Norway; and I was delighted!

Then there is John Barber, who on Wednesday Februar 14th 1996 sent me a recorded tape of "Marching on Together" among other songs, from London, England to Haugesund. Says John Barber about the recording: "We don't have a state of the art hi-fi at home, so the quality of the recording may not sound that wonderful to your ears." Andy & John; I'm afraid I still owe you a couple of pints!

Last, but not least, I need to mention Robert Woodmansey. In addition to help with the lyrics, he must have felt sorry for me who only had "not that wonderful" recordings of the Leeds United songs, so he said I could borrow his vinyl-single from 1972. So, in December 1996 it arrived in my mailbox all the way from London, together with the following words: "This is insured by your life".

Thank you all very much, mates!