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Chants to the foes

Versus Chelsea:
To the tune of "Que Sera Sera":
When I was just a little boy
I asked my mother "What should I be?"
"Should I be Chelsea? Should I be Leeds?"
Here's what she said to me;
"Wash you mouth out son,
And go get your fathers gun,
And shoot the Chelsea scum
Shoot the Chelsea scum
(We hate Chelsea, We hate Chelsea...)

Chanted to Dennis Wise:

If it wasn't for the Russian you'd be us

when the Russian goes to jail, you'll be f56ked...

Versus Derby:
Kevin Hector - circa early 1970's?
"Hector, Hector - shit collecter"

Versus Liverpool:
Circa 1975?
"To my 'orse, to my 'orse,
I was saying goodbye to my 'orse,
and as I was saying goodbye to my 'orse,
I was saying goodbye to my orse,

To my 'orse....etc etc ad nauseam.

Versus ManU:
To the tune of "Seasons in the Sun" (by Jaques Briel and performed by Terry Jacks):
We had joy, we had fun
We had Man U on the run
But the joy didn't last
Cos the bastards ran too fast!

Who do you think:
Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Ferguson
If you think you'll win the league
We are the boys who will stop your little game
We are the boys who will win the league again

When the red red robin comes bob bob bobbing along
shoot the bastard, shoot the bastard, shoot shoot shoot

To the tune of "Mary's Boychild":
Hark now hear, United sing
The Man U ran away
And there will be a massacre
Upon this Saturday

This one vs. Manu has for a period of time being sung every game, and the point was to get the other teams
supporters up on their feet as well:
Stand up, if U hate manu ...

If I had the eye of an eagle,
If I had the arse of a crow,
I`d fly over Man Utd,
And shit on the bastards below, below,
I`d shit on the bastards below

To the "House of the rising sun" tune:
There is a team in manchester
They call the winging scum
And every Leeds fan hates them
I know because I'm one.

Harry Roberts is our friend, is our friend, is our friend
Harry Roberts is our friend, is our friend, is our friend
he kills coppers!

Oooooh Charlie Charlie, Charlie Charlie Charlie Shithouse George!

To the tune of Robin Hood
Alan Ball, Alan Ball running round the Dell
Alan Ball, Alan Ball slips and he falls
Slips and he falls

Versus Tommy Docherty from when he was caught shagging Mary Brown (Manu physio)
To the tune of knees up mother brown:
Who's up mary brown?
Who's up mary brown?
Tommy, Tommy Docherty
he's up he's up Mary Brown

To the same tune of He shot, he missed, he must be fucking pissed
He shot
He cum
All over Mary's bum
Docherty, Docherty

When we're not impressed by the performance:
You're not very good, you're not very good,
your not very, your not very, your not very good

When we think they play boring:
Are you Arsenal in disguise?

Or chanting:
Boring, boring , as in Boring, boring Chelsea

To players that should retire soon:
Time to go, time to go, time to go...

To the crowd when appearing to be "glory-hunters":
Where were you when you were crap?

Or even:
You only sing when you win ...

When the ref seem to be on their side:
12 men, you've only got 12 men...