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Says John Boocock about the Leeds United songbook:
"You're on the bus to Elland Road, you're up the back of the Kop, you're in the away end at Highbury, you're on top of Pen-Y-Ghent or you're sat half cut in the armchair with the telly flickering. You want to sing, you want to sing a song that you love, a song of high endeavour. Bugger! You don't know all the words. This site will attempt to fulfill the needs of all you Leeds fans who have been condemned to mumbling after the first verse/chorus of a great big throated roar from the Pride of Yorkshire. This is just the first attempt, there's more to come! Oh and by the way all these lyrics are er, copyright. All the research was done by Oystein B, the Scandinavian Ralph Vaughan Williams of the terraces...... aided and abetted by Robert W both stalwarts of the Leeds e-mail list."

Leeds United discography

Leeds United chants - the songs from the terraces!

Leeds på vinyl - coloumns from The Peacock News
(the magazine for The Leeds United Supporters Club of Scandinavia - in Norwegian only)


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