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Chants to the players

(Actually, you'll notice a couple of chants for staff, too)
Alan Smith:
Alan Smith, Alan Smith, Alan, Alan Smith,
When he gets the ball he scores a goal, 
Alan, Alan Smith

After we was relegated in 2004 Smith gave the Leeds fans the finger because he didn't like this one:
You've signed for Scum and you won't be back

Allan Clarke:
(A couple of weeks before his transfer to the Gods)
Allan Clarke superstar
Walks like a womon and he wears a bra

(And after the transfer)
Allan Clarke superstar
How many goals have you scored so far?

Billy Bremner:
To the tune of "Black Velvet Band" a traditional Irish Folk song sang by many different artistes:
His eyes they shone like diamonds
As he lifted the Cup from the stand
There stood Billy Bremner (stretch the Billy Bremner)
Stood there with the cup in his hands

Billy Bremner's Barmy Army

To the melody of Quantanamera:
There's only one Billy Bremner, one Billy Bremner...

Brian Deane:
Deano, Deano, Deano ...

Bruno Robeiro:

Eddie Gray:
Eddy Eddy
Eddy Eddy Eddy Eddy Eddy Gray

George Graham:
This has been sung to our former manager:
There's only one George Graham...

We're George Grahams barmy army...

Mick Jones:
To the tune of "When you're smiling":
When you're smiling,
when you're smiling
the whole world smiles with you.

When you're laughing,
when you're laughing
the sun comes shining through.

But when you're crying
you bring on the rain
so stop your crying
start smiling again

When you're smiling
when you're smiling
the whole world smiles with
M - I
M - I - C
M - I - C - K
MICK JONES !! (Cheers)

To the tune of "Na na Hey hey Kiss him goodbye" (originally sang by a band called Steam):
Na na na ...... Mick Jones

Mick Jones, Mick Jones is off to Mexico
'Cause Francis Lee has got VD
Mick Jones, Mick Jones

Nigel Martyn:
Englands number one, Englands, Englands number one

Tony Yeboah:
Yeboah, Yeboah, Yeboah .....